Exhibition Breda’s Museum: Isabelle de Borchgrave – free entrance tickets

For the upcoming edition ART BREDA has collaborated with Breda’s Museum, which hosts an exhibition from 8 March to 15 June in which antique and contemporary art come together in a fairytale manner.

Breda’s Museum has been handed the opportunity to show an exposition of the works of Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave for the first time in the Netherlands. She creates costumes, completely executed in paper and painted by hand. From 8 March 2014 onwards Breda will show a special collection of Medici costumes.

Isabelle de Borchgrave hasreconstructed the costumes according to Renaissance paintings. Viathe Medici collection, Isabelle de Borchgrave has shed light on well-known persons from the aristocratic bankers family from Florence. History, art and culture of the Renaissance and the mesmerizing beauty of the paper costumes form an unforgettable unity.

The fair ART BREDA will host a small exposition of Van Borchgrave’s Medici collection. The artist’s works of art greatly illustrate the state of mind of ART BREDA in which the past and the present, and antiques, old art and contemporary art do not contradict, but rather unite enjoyably.

All visitors of ART BREDA will receive a free ticket to visit the Medici exhibition in Breda’s Museum. Vice versa, visitors from the Breda’s Museum will receive, once the art fair has begun, a free ticket to visit ART BREDA.


Guided Tours

Would you like to expand your knowledge of art and antique?

Art historian Marius van Dam will provide a guided tour for the interested ones on the fair twice a day. He will take you along a fascinating tour around artworks and art objects chosen by himself. This way you will be ensured of the greatest highlights of the fair, even if they might seem insignificant at first glance! Marius will explain you details about the style, the history and the technique of the objects, aspects you might fail to notice otherwise.

The guided tours start at 13.30 o’clock and at 15.30 o’clock. The tours are free of charge and take a maximum of 15 visitors.

Registration for the tour can be completed at the information desk at the fair.

Free tours around the fair